Essential Oil Uses I Never Knew

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Essential Oil Uses I Never Knew


For this Friday’s blog post I wanted to write about something a little different. I have always used essential oils in my home for many reasons, but there are so many uses that I never knew about. I found this amazing website  On this site they have multiple uses for almost any oil you can think of. When you have time you should read up on all of it, but today I wanted to share 4 of my favorites. I wanted to share with you the uses for them that I did not know about! I am not an expert on this topic by any means, but I have found that using oils in my life has personally helped me on many levels.  I hope you enjoy learning about these as much as I did, and follow the link I put under each oil to take you to the site I found the information on. There is so much more information there!

    Eucalyptus Oil:

Hair– It wards off dandruff, itchy scalp, and acts as a natural lice replant.

Air Cleanser– Eucalyptus is great for killing mold in the home. Diffuse it to cleanse the air, and help in the prevention of  a mold free home.

Spot Remover– Helps effectively remove spots from carpet, clothes, and most other fabrics. It can also help remove gum from shoes!

Lavender Oil:

Neurological– It can help with symptoms of migraines, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Diabetes Treatment– I am not sure what research has been done on this topic, but it’s said that lavender can help increase blood glucose levels, help with kidney and liver antioxidant depletion, and aid in kidney and liver dysfunction.

Sleep– Lavender can help improve the quality of sleep.  ( I knew this, but it’s important in my life)

Peppermint Oil:

green peppermint leaves and essential oil on the wooden board

Hunger– Peppermint oil can ward off snacking, and also help you feel fuller.

Energy– peppermint oil may put a little pep in your step. Chronic fatigue syndrome suffers may find it can help them with their focus and concentration.

Fever– Mixing peppermint oil with coconut oil then rubbing it on chest, neck, and feet bottoms can help tackle a fever.

Bugs– YUCK! peppermint oil may help ward off ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and even ticks! Bugs do not like it!

Orange Oil:

Skin– Orange oil can help fight bacteria and inflammation on the skin that can lead to acne.

Pain– Orange oil can help turn off the inflammatory responses that increase swelling in tissue. This can help relieve muscle, bone, and joint pain.


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