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The Bozeman Public School system covers an area greater than the City of Bozeman with 5,190 students enrolled, 615 full-time teachers, and a $35.5 million dollar budget during the school year 2004/2005. The school system is made up of two districts-- Elementary District No. 7 and the Bozeman High School District. The elementary district covers approximately 300 square miles. The high school district covers approximately 1100 square mile encompassing nine elementary districts -- Bozeman, Cottonwood, LaMotte, Monforton, Gateway, Anderson, Sedan, Malmborg and Ophir.

The school district is governed by a Board of Trustees -- seven citizens who are elected by the voters of the elementary district. Two Trustees-at-Large are elected by citizens of the rural elementary districts to serve with the elementary trustees as a high school Board. Board policies are administered by a district superintendent.

There are six attendance centers for elementary students. K-5 students attend Emily Dickinson, Irving, Hawthorne, Longfellow, Morning Star and Whittier. K-5 students are allowed to attend the school of their choice on a space available basis.

The Bozeman system has one high school (grades 9-12) and two middle schools (grades 6-8). The high school/Chief Joseph Middle School campus is located on 54 acres complete with a library center, career education center, music education center, an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and other field activities. The 750 student Sacajawea Middle School at the southern end of Bozeman opened in the fall of 1996. The system also has an alternative high school located in the Willson building. Adult education activities are provided in all school buildings. Each school is administered by a building principal. Parent Advisory Councils function at each school. For information on attendance areas phone 522-6003 or 522-6005.