What Buyers Should Know When Working with a Buyer Agent

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What Buyers Should Know When Working with a Buyer Agent 

Real Estate is an industry that isn’t much thought about until a person is ready to buy their first home. In this Blog post I have compiled 4 tips, that I feel are important,  to ensure you have a smooth relationship with the Agent you choose to work with. These address a few things that can be misunderstood by many. We all want this process to be fun and exciting, and having an educated understanding will help the process go a little smoother for everyone. Open and honest communication will ensure a pleasant buying experience.

Happy House Hunting!!


Real Estate Agents Work on Commission…

Real Estate Agents are Licensed Professionals who work on commission. They are highly motivated to do a good job for you. If they don’t close the deal they do not get paid. Do not ask an agent to show you properties, or invest time in your home search if you plan to cut them out of the deal.

Be Courteous of Their Time…

If you schedule a time to see a property please keep that appointment, and if something comes up call to cancel or reschedule. When you ask to view a home the current owner must leave the property, and be in communication with their agent. When you no show it can potentially inconvenience many people.

Do Not Call The Listing Agent if you have a Buyer Agent…

Listing Agents work for the Seller, and a Buyer Agent works for the buyer. Unless it is a dual agency,and that’s a topic for another day. It can create problems if the buyer goes around their agent to ask questions. Always communicate with and through your agent to avoid misunderstandings and potential conflicts of interest.

Sign a Buyer Broker Agreement with your Agent…

Expect to be asked to sign this. This establishes a relationship between you and your agent. It also explains the agents duties to you as a client. Be sure to ask what the difference is between “exclusive”, and “non exclusive”.

If you are not ready to sign this do not ask the agent to show you properties.

If you become unsatisfied with the agents services ask them to be released from the contract. Most professional agents do not want to continue an unwanted relationship. We want to be supportive of your goals.